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Good evening kids.

I get pretty frequent sinus infections, I'm not actually allergic to anything (just had the blood tests to verify) and I'm tired of this bullshit. I've finally looked into doing  nasal irrigations to see if i can better get my shit to drain properly instead of harboring all this crap letting it simmer just under infection levels only to strike every 3-4 months with no warning.  I had a pretty sexy chest congestion thing happening about 2 weeks ago, coughing up lung butter and shit and then it started  making my sinus symptoms flare up so I tried to preemptively thwart it  last Friday with the day off and all.  I wake up, get the sea salt and this is what I produced.  It's not exactly a pleasant, invigorating experience like hardcore advocates of daily neti want you to believe, but looking at all this sure makes me feel productive!  Enjoy.

for scale.  that big one that i'm playing with there isn't even what drained.  I sucked that fucker from the BACK into my throat and then spit it out.  I tend to have about 3-4 of those nice mucous plugs every day about an hour after I wake up and start moving around.  It makes for an awkward train commute if I don't have any tissues, which is usually the case.

the sink is really gross too. i don't care.

mmmm. blobtastic.

those 2 big fuckers on opposite sides of the drain were the plugs that are so far back in my sinuses that they can't be flushed.  they can only be sucked back and hocked out.  and they have a very firm, solid central mass with trailing  viscous phlegm.  I play with them in my mouth before spitting them out.

the whole sinkfull of that mess.

NOM NOM NOM nose slugs

The end.  Also, I did this last Friday and Saturday and my sinuses haven't been a problem all week so I definitely cleared the badness out for real.

OH also. I don't actually have a proper netipot.

I've been using warm water and sea salt in the small milk/cream pitcher.  you know the little pitcher that comes with a milk and sugar set for coffee?

yeah, that.  and then i put it back in the cupboard.

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