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I'm doing my physics lab write up since it's due tomorrow, and I'm actually reading the manual procedures now even though we did this lab last week.

The last 2 labs have had some interesting phrasing of the procedures and observations that i would like to share with you.

  Two weeks ago we did Sound Waves or some shit.  We had a guitar string, and a function generator and an oscilliscope.  We were applying various frequencies to the string and watching the sine waves it made, looking at wavelength, finding the nodes where there was zero oscillation and shit like that.  you can use your hands to detect when there's a node vs antinode because at a node your finger won't interfere with the wave motion as shown on the scope.

From the lab manual: Watch the oscilliscope display as you slide your fleshy fingertips along the vibrating string.

WTF?!! does that not sound like it's straight out of something on Literotica?!!

Last week's lab is Mechanical Energy of Heat.  Spin a metal cylinder around against some resistance and watch how the temperature rises.; calculate shit.  IN the description of the procedure and a note of observation then tell us: Note how sensitive the thermistor resistance is to the touch of your hot little hands, and how quickly or slowly thermal equilibrium is approached. 

You cannot tell me that that can't be used word for word as a bad innuendo as written for  a How To Give A Handjob Manual.

I am not amused.

That's a lie, but I'm still more wierded out by this development than amused.  God knows "talk nerdy to me" is an accurate sentiment of mine, but this is not what i intend.

if this week's lab says anything about moist, burning desire or pulsing members ready to explode, i will keep you informed.  We're doing gas pressure so this is not as far fetched as it seems, though it could also regress into toilet humor.
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