Jan. 13th, 2008

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It starts with wank in [community profile] polyamory from well known loser OP whining about the same old same ole, and those of us around the block know his Woe Is Me MO and overall he's got an unpleasant entitlement/superiority complex that anyone can pick up on.  We say as much. And there's some positive commentary and helpful advice still mixed in- you can practically see him preening in response to those comments.  We also snark it. Twice.

And then, amidst a rather ordinary, non-gendered comment citing from the OP why we are getting the idea that "he think's he's so awesome" the charming [profile] charisophia chimes in with a tl;dr missive standing up for the underdog with the exceptionally WTF keyphrase of "I take issue with any woman who seeks to restrict a man from expressing his opinions in this manner."

I find this to be an intensely strange comment in context because1- WTF, REALLY? 2- she is responding to the one comment that is NOT indirectly calling the OP a sexist douche in the first place.  I don't particularly care to argue about it because you know what I do on my down time on the internet when i find something I don't really like or understand? I go somewhere else that i find to be more to my tastes.  I do snark it however. it's better for my blood pressure.

[profile] charisophia comes into d_p_s crying butthurt, LOLz ensue. Flouncetastic. We snark again.


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