Jan. 22nd, 2008

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you guys remember this boy?

that sounds all fine and dandy right? but what i DIDN'T tell you good readers is that it was only awesome for the novelty and story telling value of it.  He was a 1/2 pump chump and not nearly as ashamed of that fact as someone should be, and we only hung out another time after wherein i confirmed that the performance was not a first time jitters thing and i would need to enlist the help of some desensitizing spray if thigns were to continue. and then he pulled a Woe Is Me I Can't Be In A Relationship.  it was more than a little WTF and Um OK especially since i after i had first stated my interest about a month before all of this anyway, there was nothing but radio silence for 2-3 weeks.  OK well that's all i can do, on to other things right?

Nope, he starts pursuing me and ultimately instigates all the debauchery of that particular flavor. I seriously had nothing to do with any of that- i mean, i am an ever prepared boyscout brimmed with resources and toys at any given point in time, but i wasn't even talking about my proclivities at any point in our exchanges cause it wasn't like that and it wasn't particularly important to me cause i just wanted someone to put out.  i didn't initiate any of that shit, i was just using my skills of observation to figure out what the folks i'm getting nekkid with like. and despite the less than stellar actual sex, i was amused and entertained and really that's all i want most of the time.

and then after that he's done.  out of no where. blah blah blah, empty explanations of thigns which have nothing to do with anything which i (correctly as it turns out) interpret as "i am so freaked out and ashamed and turned on by what a fucking deviant i truly am that i can't be with you. P.S. i'm moving back to my parents house 4 hours away cause i'm done with NY. take care!" well ok, that's all i can do and again, on to other things, right?

srsly  u guys. u guys, srsly.

anyway, for some reason, out of nowhere he sends a friend request to me on myspace the other day. I decline, there's no real reason to accept it.  and now this evening i get an IM from an unfamiliar, but yet not, screenname.  what-the-fuckery ensues.

so in summary:  everytime you read my LJ, know that there is at least one angsty, repressed, objectifying pig jew boy in Maryland furiously fapping to the paragraph you just skimmed.  and now he's furiously fapping to the thought of all you knowing all about him and oh the humiliation.

i'm sorry. none of you consented to be party to someone's public humiliation and degradation fetish yet here you are knowing all to well that someone on the other side of that screen somewhere in the ether is thinking of all you strangers knowing about his inadequacies while he gets off to it. hahaa!


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