Jul. 31st, 2008

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you guys.


i've pretty much been on AOL/AIM  for over half my life now, for the first half of that time i pretty much lived on the chat tubes.

the last 6 years or so, i only minimally interact on AIM.  people don't randomly find you there anymore since there are better networking sites available, most of my old chat buddies/friends have moved on to bigger and better things.  since i started at Hunter, i don't even log on except for maybe once a month anyway just to avoid temptation.

Everyone now and again an old flame of mine from 5 years ago, Irish Lawyer*, decides he wants to harass me with friendly, inane banter or try to get sympathy or some shit, i don't even know.  But he lives in Dublin and he's cute, so i maintain the contact in the event i find myself abroad and wanting a place to crash or a body to rub up on.  i've long ago stopped initiating contact because he's full of shit and it always leaves me with a headache and anxiety driven loss of appetite, but he like clockwork will decide to send me an IM every 4-6 mos, presumably for the same reasons as me.  It was a horrific, disastrous implosion of a fling, angry angry angry hate hate hate RAWR we can jsut completely push the other's buttons with no effort at all. I mean, this shit was fucking EPIC.  usually the time in between these contacts is due to an IM that went downhill after 5 lines of dialogue, and sad to say it's usually me (so it seems) who quietly leaves the conversation because i'm so disgusted with the situation.

* the tale of Irish Lawyer is a twisted and sordid one,

The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior or and over and expecting a different outcome, no?  and yes, i'm talking about both of us here.


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