Aug. 21st, 2008

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oh hey, DomSubFriends is organizing "Misogyny  201: A How To Know What EVERY Straight Woman Wants To Hear EVER  To Get Those Panties To Drop (and sometimes this stuff works on other people if you happen to not be a straight dude whose inalienable right to get laid as often as possible with whomever is chronically being violated)" this Friday as a lecture/demo presentation.

It's being led by a dude who works for pickup companies.  Yes, this is outright stated in his credentials.

DSF has officially jumped the shark.  And this blurb is describing this dude's teachings as a way of FORCING the issue, because the way people think and feel about others is completely malleable with these simple tricks because "Attraction is NOT a choice".  Remember boys, "no" simply means "try harder" and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Yeah, i'm going to choose to not want to hear anything this assdouche has to say and i can certainly muster the willpower to not be attracted to him.  How many of you triple dog dare me to troll this event on Friday and fuck up the surefire system?

*Demo/Topic: The Art of Seduction with Peter Tenorio
*This Friday, August 22nd at Paddles
*Time: 8:45 PM - 10:45 PM
*Address: #250 West 26th Street (Bet: 7th/8th Ave--entrance thru the parking lot only)
The Presenter's bio:
Peter (Tenorio) has been a top coach for various pickup companies for over a year now, with many success stories to his credit.  He's witnessed the transformation of numerous students - turning dorks to studs and studs to rockstars - as well as his own personal transformation from learning the game. 
Peter's motto is "attraction is not a choice."  Women everywhere seem to assume that a man either is attraction or he is not.  Peter's own transformation, in addition to his skill at transforming his students, proves otherwise.  Tonight he'll be discussing what it takes to become an attractive man who effortlessly draws women to him and has the skill to meet and seduce any woman.


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