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  yeah, i've been watching this.  it has re-awakened my crush on Dr. Drew from when he was doing the Loveline show on MTV.

and in this most recent episode, he gets called in after hours and just kinda strolls in in some jeans and a black t-shirt, not the typical and proper Dr. Drew gear. and like, the jeans and tshirt fit him well! he doesn't look awkward and dorky like sometimes can happen when the dockers guys try to do colloquial casual. and then druggie Jeff points out that Dr. Drew has some killer arms going on and oh man, Dr. Drew is fucking hot.  like goddamn. it almost makes you want to develop a substance abuse problem...
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you guys remember this boy?

that sounds all fine and dandy right? but what i DIDN'T tell you good readers is that it was only awesome for the novelty and story telling value of it.  He was a 1/2 pump chump and not nearly as ashamed of that fact as someone should be, and we only hung out another time after wherein i confirmed that the performance was not a first time jitters thing and i would need to enlist the help of some desensitizing spray if thigns were to continue. and then he pulled a Woe Is Me I Can't Be In A Relationship.  it was more than a little WTF and Um OK especially since i after i had first stated my interest about a month before all of this anyway, there was nothing but radio silence for 2-3 weeks.  OK well that's all i can do, on to other things right?

Nope, he starts pursuing me and ultimately instigates all the debauchery of that particular flavor. I seriously had nothing to do with any of that- i mean, i am an ever prepared boyscout brimmed with resources and toys at any given point in time, but i wasn't even talking about my proclivities at any point in our exchanges cause it wasn't like that and it wasn't particularly important to me cause i just wanted someone to put out.  i didn't initiate any of that shit, i was just using my skills of observation to figure out what the folks i'm getting nekkid with like. and despite the less than stellar actual sex, i was amused and entertained and really that's all i want most of the time.

and then after that he's done.  out of no where. blah blah blah, empty explanations of thigns which have nothing to do with anything which i (correctly as it turns out) interpret as "i am so freaked out and ashamed and turned on by what a fucking deviant i truly am that i can't be with you. P.S. i'm moving back to my parents house 4 hours away cause i'm done with NY. take care!" well ok, that's all i can do and again, on to other things, right?

srsly  u guys. u guys, srsly.

anyway, for some reason, out of nowhere he sends a friend request to me on myspace the other day. I decline, there's no real reason to accept it.  and now this evening i get an IM from an unfamiliar, but yet not, screenname.  what-the-fuckery ensues.

so in summary:  everytime you read my LJ, know that there is at least one angsty, repressed, objectifying pig jew boy in Maryland furiously fapping to the paragraph you just skimmed.  and now he's furiously fapping to the thought of all you knowing all about him and oh the humiliation.

i'm sorry. none of you consented to be party to someone's public humiliation and degradation fetish yet here you are knowing all to well that someone on the other side of that screen somewhere in the ether is thinking of all you strangers knowing about his inadequacies while he gets off to it. hahaa!
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It starts with wank in [community profile] polyamory from well known loser OP whining about the same old same ole, and those of us around the block know his Woe Is Me MO and overall he's got an unpleasant entitlement/superiority complex that anyone can pick up on.  We say as much. And there's some positive commentary and helpful advice still mixed in- you can practically see him preening in response to those comments.  We also snark it. Twice.

And then, amidst a rather ordinary, non-gendered comment citing from the OP why we are getting the idea that "he think's he's so awesome" the charming [profile] charisophia chimes in with a tl;dr missive standing up for the underdog with the exceptionally WTF keyphrase of "I take issue with any woman who seeks to restrict a man from expressing his opinions in this manner."

I find this to be an intensely strange comment in context because1- WTF, REALLY? 2- she is responding to the one comment that is NOT indirectly calling the OP a sexist douche in the first place.  I don't particularly care to argue about it because you know what I do on my down time on the internet when i find something I don't really like or understand? I go somewhere else that i find to be more to my tastes.  I do snark it however. it's better for my blood pressure.

[profile] charisophia comes into d_p_s crying butthurt, LOLz ensue. Flouncetastic. We snark again.
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oh sweet jesus i am watching jackass 2 and it is totally making my staying home on saturday night worth it i didn't think this kind of happiness was possible and it's only 20 minutes in
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prompted by a quiet post/discussion in [community profile] polyamory about kissing technique and after extensive research with multiple test subjects in the last week and a half (and thankgiving weekend).  and truth be told, i can go back even further than this, but the stats just shot up within a very small time period recently .


people have no idea how to kiss.
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so, i decided to go to the movies tonight. by myself as i am wont to do because it's less of a hassle than dealing with people.  i saw the new Alien Loves Predator movie and i have to say, even though it was a total LOLocaust and even though i was less than thrilled with the first one because the entire backstory for it was Stargate, #2 was even more of a disspointment. 

i mean it was absolutely EPIC on the body count scale both in terms of human, predator and alien.  there was even a fucking PREDATOR ALIEN SO BADASS!!  i was laughing the entire time because everyone was a goner; every 3 minutes someone's chest had burst or they had their skull opened from an alien french kiss, it was great.  and ultimately, there was no limit to the carnage unlike the first one. they all (i'm including alien movies now too) took place in isolated environments with a set group of people as potential victims, so you got to know most of the characters and you pulled for them. but not this.  everyone was fair game, and even though there were some main characters, the sheer epicness of how many fucking aliens there were and how many fucking available hosts as the story moved along, you don't get to know anyone or give a shit about what happens to them, you just want the fucking Aliens to be stopped.  so it was good in that sense, i was thoroughly entertained.

i also suspect that the premise of this movie was a rip off of one of the Gremlins movies- specifically the one that takes place in the mall? office building? i think that's Gremlins 2?-, but i haven't seen them in at least a decade so i'm a little hazy on the details. but given that AVP 1 totally ripped off stargate, i wouldn't put it past them to do it again.

but yeah, it was hilarious.  I'm really amazed that it's a 90 minute movie, and i shit you not there is a MAX of 15 minutes of actual dialogue. because Predators don't fucking talk, they jsut growl and press red buttons on their wristwatch that countdown in that wierd symbol-number way. Aliens OBVIOUSLY don't fucking talk, they just growl and drool and think REALLY REALLY HARD AT YOU about how they are going to fuck your shit up and you won't even know it until you are incubating their lovechild.  and all the human dialogue is just AHHHHHHH!!!!, OMG OMG OMG!!!! WE'RE ALL GONNA FUCKIN DIE!!! LETS GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!! WHERE"S BACKUP???!! RUNNNNN!! OMG OMG WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE?!?!?!!?!!! *SPLAT*

there wasn't even any exposition of the plot in this movie. i guess they figured AVP 1 explained everything (as far as WTF is going on and why) and if you were watching this movie you saw the first one and you just wanted to see who comes out on top this time around? it was just bloody disaster after bloody disaster with a bit of acid blood and/or neon green predator blood thrown in for good measure.  and then in the final scene there's a very mysterious and ambiguous exchange, of no more than a line each between the 2 governmental/private corporation trying to capitalize on this secret knowledge types that alludes to what i THINK is how the original Alien and Predator series began. i guess you have to be either a real afficionado or be up to date on your AVP comics to know for sure?  all i have is Alien quadrilogy canon under my belt and whatever bernieh comes up with for ALP to go on so i'm really not the expert.

OH OH i almost forgot. it wasn't gremlins that it took cues from, i think i thought that for a second because there was so much rain throughout the movie and the aliens were fucking replicating like no ones business and i know gremlins and water = multiplying.  but no, the REAL movie that this was parading itself as was Resident Evil 2.  IT WAS TOTALLY RESIDENT EVIL 2 EXCEPT THERE WAS NO HOT HOT MILLA JOVOVICH RUNNING AROUND FUCKING SHIT UP BUT INSTEAD A BUNCH OF D LIST NO NAME ACTORS BECAUSE NO ONE GIVES A FUCK THEY JUST CAME TO WATCH PREDATOR AND ALIEN ANYWAY.

summary:  totally mindless but lots and lot and lots of Aliens doing their freaky Alien thing (and some new tricks thrown in for good measure); Predator being all sexy doing the Predator this with more Predator doomsday technology; and lots and lots of humans running around with their heads cut off making for easy pickings, they don't even man up like the chick in AVP 1 did and earn the honor of being warriors themselves.

 A++ would LOL again.
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someone saw my cruise pics and i'm anonymously getting called a fattie OHNOES, LOL

"ew you're really thick.
& you friend's hair sucks."

note how "you're" and "friend's" are grammatically correct, spelled right, appropriate use of the possessive.  but "you" should be "your". points off for the dismount: 7.5
also, boys don't really say "ew" while trolling, but girls don't usually say "thick" in any situation.  and white people definitely don't say "thick".  and while girls always take note of people's hair, straight boys don't and gay boys do. this makes hypothesizing who could be the culprit incredibly complicated.

i think i have an ethnic minority herm (in-group jargon for Hermaphrodite!) furry fag here.  why a furry? just because. when do you ever need a reason to make fun of furries? 

now who have i come across lately that fits the profile...or maybe it's one of you on my f-list?
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so Die Hard 4.0: Die Hardest was everything i could ever hope for in a movie and then some.

sweaty, bloody, pissed off Bruce WIllis; cheesy in all the right places; inane violence and epic explosions; AND COMPUTER GEEKERY!

there was even a Yippeekiyay MOTHERFUCKER thrown in for good measure.  i totally LOLed through a good portion of the movie.

did i mention there was computer geekery? there was a lot of it. very hot.  I was out on the friday after thanksgviing with an entourage of 3 strange boys drinking, and all of them were computer geeks: database manager, animator, systems engineer.  they started arguing about computers and superior operating systems and mac vs PC and i was already going home with one of them and another was my super hot blind date via CrazyBlindDate and i was just about dying listening to it all.  LET ME TELL YOU INTERNETS I WAS DYING.

i'm really upset that my too rational mind is not allowing me to keep the mental disconnect regarding Justin Long (mac commercial kid) being an actor and NOT computer genius.  i don't think i'd ever stop fapping otherwise...
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the other week i was in Penn Station waiting to go home.  It was late, i had a long lab and lecture, i still had an hour to kill waiting- tired does not even begin to cover it.  I may or may not have been eating a sandwich for dinner as well, but i was definitely listening to my ipod and playing solitaire on it and otherwise not making any kind of gesture or motion of being desiring of interaction with actual people. I might have even been mouthing words, no doubt making me look like an idiot, but clearly invested in what i was doing.

so, i'm sitting here minding my own business and i'm bundled up because the AC is always too high in there and some older dude comes over to where i am sitting on the floor next to a pillar and jsut bobbing my head to the music.  and he starts talking at me. and he doesn't look homeless, but he has a sort of vagrant look about him.  he was probably waiting for the Hempstead train. i have my pod on so i can't hear him, but he is asking me a question.  of all the fucking people in penn station he thinks it's a great idea to walk over to me, sitting on the floor, clearly pre-occupied with some sort of visual and auditory stimulation.

i take a bud out and i'm like "what?" and he's all, "what are you listening to?" 

are you fucking kidding me?  do i look like i want to have a conversation about anything right now? you are fucking interrupting me from doing SOMETHING what the fuck dude!  maybe i'm studying for my classical music theory midterm?  no i don't take that class, but back in undergrad i actually had to study Gregorian Chant, Madrigals and all kinds of shit like that and i would listen to it on my CD player.  so i give him the Are You Stupid face and go "music". he's like "what music?" i'm like "i'm listening to music. just music" he asks again what and i'm like DUDE "it doesn't fucking matter", i'm listening to music why are you fucking harrassing me?  did i wave you over for something? did i indicate that i wanted to have a little chat and bonding moment over musical interests?  i'm like every other asshole walking around with white headphones, I WANT TO PRETEND AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE THAT NO ONE ELSE EXISTS AND I"LL BE DAMNED IF I CAN"T TRY TO DROWN YOU ALL OUT WITH MY ON-THE-GO PLAYLIST. 

he walks off finally muttering something about how i looked like i was enjoying myself, blah blah blah, all this attitude like i'm terribly rude for not being responsive and answering his fucking question. YEAH ASSHOLE I WAS ROCKING OUT RIGHT HERE AND YOU FUCKING INTERRUPTED ME. IF I LOOKED LIKE I WAS HAVING SUCH A GOOD TIME, HOW DO YOU FEEL ITS APPROPRIATE TO GET IN THE WAY OF THAT? and i'm the rude one who has offended your delicate sensibilities with my unrefined and brutish manners, i am such a boor!  needless to say there were any number of people waiting around with ipods listening jsut as intensely as i was, if not outright reading some book or wolfing down some Penn Station food like it was passed from the hands of god himself.  they were white or male.  he gave no thought to what a good time they seemed to be having with their music, novel, and manna.

fucking male entitlement.  no, i do not owe you any kind of interaction jsut because you feel the need to engage me or otherwise hijack my attention from something else that i am focusing on and enjoying. and ignore all other social cues that suggest i'm not interested in talking to anyone regardless. 

or maybe i'm just embarassed that i would have to admit that i was totally listening to Fall Out Boy...
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this is only stuff i co-opted from FreakinSaucy's myspace page.  i don't take pictures of things and my uncle hasn't put together a compilation of everyone's memory sticks yet, there's like 1000 photos easy.  but only 9 in this post. i will cut it for you now.
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so, these are new. like October new.  They don't show my new piercings or my new car, but i have new expensive bling bling glasses- Dolce baby- and a dramatic haircut though it's not styled the way i prefer in these (it had been a long day). 

taken with FreakinSaucy and McSloshed at some pub next to the Belmore LIRR station and the fire department

we are not drunk. no seriously i know it's hard to believe and this picture is poor supporting evidence, but it was like a monday night and FreakinSaucy is a teacher, she doesn't play on school nights. I'm just an old fuddy duddy and i don't play much on school nights.  ok. yes that is my jack and coke in front of me but some old guy bought it for me and shoved it into my hand what what i going to do?

McSloshed's dad.  McSLoshed was only in town for like 2 different funerals that week and was leaving the next morning.  His dad was getting good and properly drunk before bring McSloshed to airport in the am and then heading out to a THIRD family funeral.  yeah, awesome.

i have seen McSLoshed 3 times now in the last year and a half because of funerals.  The first was march or april of '06 after my brother and for his uncle?  then a year later for someone else, his Nana?  and now last month for an uncle and perhaps a cousin i believe.  something.  it's awesome that we are irish and can grieve at bars and be loud and laughing and no one will bat an eyelash.

fuck your F-list. you guise haven't seen pictures of me in months.
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I jsut got back from a 10 day disney cruise in the mediterranean with the family which was AWESOME because its a fucking disney cruise in the mediterranean.  all 11 of us including my mom's 2 older brothers- my uncles.  i live with one uncle in the town about 10 minutes away from where my parents and the rest of the kids live. and then the other uncle lives in Frisco with his GF of 17+ years.  i haven't seen her in maybe 12 or so years, and i only saw him last year for my little brothers funeral and before that it was maybe 10 years when my other uncle took us older kids on vacay to Los ANgeles and then up the coast to San Francisco.  when i was younger and before they moved out there, i remember liking her and she was sorta this cool laidback hippy chick. so anyway, the GF also comes along on this vacay, which the uncle that i live with pretty much paid for cause he's generous like that. my mom is paying for a good part of her share, but my uncle put down the money up front.  my best friend FreakinSaucy and her younger sister also came along and they paid for all their stuff.  we all do vacations together normally and have a great time together.  we are hee-larious.

on the first day it was clear that uncle #2's GF is a not in fact a cool lady.  she's shrieking about how she doesn't like kids. though she is careful not to say this when my mom is around; myself, FreakinSaucy and my sister took it upon ourselves to inform the rest of our party to this after she tried using this information to "bond" wiht us, WTF? umm, hello you do realize that your boyfriends sister (my mom) has 7 kids, yes?  and that you are going on a DISNEY cruise?  that WE invited you on?  and you ARENT EVEN PAYING FOR IT YOU FREELOADING UNGRATEFUL WENCH?  i'm a freeloader myself but i'm at least pleasant about it and i know damn well that if i'm not paying for it, i will suck up any pet peeves i may have and go with the fucking flow because ITS A 10 DAY CRUISE IN THE MEDITERRANEAN and there are WAY MORE OF US than there are of you.   if you want to go againsts the grain that's going to be 12 thorns in your side versus 1 thorn in any of our sides. do the math.

so she's acting the heinous non-friendly, can't deal wiht human beings, person that she is the entire time, trying to act like WE are somehow interfereing with her vacay and not the other way around, and attempting to passive aggressive manipulate the younger-older kids who she thinks won't give her any lip back.  i'm nearly 26, she knows she wouldn't get away wiht any of the shit she was saying to my 18 year old sister and as a result, the minute i would leave the room or go attend to my toiletries, she would say things to my sister. mind you, my uncle (her BF) has not said a single thing to us, and he has much more of a place to do damage control anyway if we are being that annoying.  no he's jsut doing his thing, going on his excursions, chilling on deck 4 where none of us go anyway, minding his business.  he doesn't have a problem with us and we all know YOU ARE LYING when you say that he's "really mad". my uncles never get mad, they are way too laidback and suckers to get mad about most things. which is obviously why he is still with you. and of course, if you are having a problem with any of the kids, don't you think the first persons to go to would be, oh i don't know, THEIR PARENT? as if a sibling actually has any control over the kids anyway.  or that even the youngest at 5 is ultimately an incredibly independant being and well, my mom and dad are on vacation on a big ass cruise ship, they just aren't as concerned about their kids running around on a disney boat, doing disney kid things and you know, being the kinds of children that they normally are any other day of the week jsut because you have a distaste for them and have spent the last 17 years of your relationship with their uncle and the last 10 days of this trip going out of your way to not make any effort to try to be part of the family yourself or get to know them.  you didn't even come to dinner except for 3 nights, and 2 of those nights were at the adults only restaurant and the other night was for your BF's birthday. 

so, the GF is a fucking cunt. she's been nasty and crazy and pouty the entire time. i won't get into all the ways in which she is crazy that slowly unfolded because it would make this even longer than it already is, but please rest assured that by the time we were driving back from the airport yesterday, even my dad- who isn't into gossip or really has anything to say about anybody because he doesn't really care- is all like "yeah, um, Patrice... she's a piece of work, eh?"

myself and my 18 year old sister SexyLexy are sharing a cabin with them.  on the day before we have to leave, the GF takes it upon herself to act the fool and tells my sister who went into the cabin to get something because we were all in the next door cabin which is where my parents and the 2 younger girls are staying, cause we all, including my friend and her sister are playing cards all afternoon.  the GF says "oh, are you guys next door?  well, i can hear you, and i'm trying to take a nap."

it is 3pm.  you've been shutting yourself up in OUR cabin, locking US out of out own room in the middle of the day as if you aren't sharing it with anyone else. and now you are trying to put a silence curfew on the ENTIRE DECK because you want to take a nap in the middle of the day?  guess what sweetheart, if your privacy and silence was such an important thing for you, you shoulda sucked it up and paid for your own cabin or better yet, stayed home and not come along wiht a family of 13 on a disney cruise.  and even more, do you do NOT get a say in what we do next door to you in the privacy of some ELSES room.  and if you have a problem with us badmouthing you next door and that's why you want us to keep quiet, maybe you should try being less of a cunt to everyone.  even my parents we not trying to stop us, and normally my mom takes the road of "be nice, don't confront, everyone play nice together even if you don't mean it". my mom was clearly biting her tongue from telling off the GF the last few days while at dinner.

i was tired of this passive aggressive shit, she didn't even ASK if we could keep it down, she just stated that she can hear us and that she was trying to take a nap.  oh ok, good for you. we are not tired and we are playing cards. i'm really glad for that status update.  a statement is not inherently a request, and i dont know why you expect any of us to be empathetic to those implied requests of yours when all you've done this trip is be a downer and unreasonable and spiteful and nasty.  you were even making your own BF run away and hide of various QUIET decks just to get away from you and chill.  (because P.S. there are TONS of super quiet spots all over the boat where there are no kids and sometimes, not even OTHER PEOPLE that aren't your cabin)

THE TMI: I had reached my limit with her and when i went to take a piss before dinner Friday evening, i took her toothbrush and dipped it in my piss then put it back. 

I only wish I had thought to do that every time i went to the bathroom the entire 10 days. and normally i don't take to this kind of prank with people, i feel really bad because it's not an entirely harmless gag, but i have absolutely no remorse for this. in my excitement, it didn't occur to me to scrub the bowl a little bit too! i jsut wish that i could have done more thigns to her overtly and covertly that wouldn't have affected the rest of us negatively  like taking off the bags to her luggage so that things might get lost in transit from the boat to the airport.  my little sister SexyLexy did that instead.

we had the other little kids bang on the cabin door screaming and call the room at 1:30 in the morning.  Bebe's kids style.


Aug. 6th, 2007 09:36 pm
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even if i ripped all ~500 albums that i own, it won't even make a dent. this is disheartening.  i didn't really understand the expanse of 80GB, and then i didn't understand why anyone needed so much space, and now i realize it is for the videos.

where do you guys play intarweb pirate? music, podcasts, movies.


EDIT: for some reason my limewire wasn't working, bad install and it woudn't uninstall. but maybe playing around wiht it yesterday got it to uninstall correctly. limewire it is! thanks guys.
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oh my way to rockville centre to donate blood for 6:30 after work, and when i'm about 5 minutes from my destination the exhaust on my car falls off.

clearly, my car was well aware of jsut how fucking much i've been thinking about its replacement, i mean, today i was seriously thinking about going to look at new cars after giving blood tonight and was online trying to see where the dodge/chrysler/jeep dealerships were in the area i was gonna be at.

it has become sentient and has retaliated.

so, my shit falls off, something is hitting the ground, my engine noise increases to the decible and frequency range of old ford broncos, and when i go to accelerate it feels like i'm driving through mud, only in the not cool jeep awesome off road kind of way.  it actually feels a lot as how my old nissan would when it would throw a spark plug, and i was only operating on 3 cylinders instead of 4.  loud and sluggish.

i call my dad because he will either know how i can get out fo this, or he will know what's up with our AAA coverage that i know my mom had gotten wihtin the last year, but i was unsure as to whether it was still active and i needed some account numbers.  he suggests i drive to a nearby gas station, have them attach the exhaust at least so it isn't on the ground (cause it's facing forward) and threatening to shoot through my gas tank if i hit too big of a pothole (ala mythbusters, only not using the transmission) and then bring it in to meineke in the morning.

i take a look at my back seat and ask if duct tape wil work since i have a nice big roll of it still.  he says that a wire coathanger would be better.

lo and behold, i have one of those sitting in my backseat as well. why you ask? well, there's a lot of crap that i have in my car collected from various times and with varying levels of usefulness but here, good readers, this is where you stumble upon my secret.  i perform back alley abortions out of the back of my car and that's the REAL reason i want another SUV instead of a practical, fuel efficient, sensible, economy sized coupe or sedan. i really do NEED the rear passenger space with optional fold down seats and extra rear storage.

so, i say, hey dad, I HAVE A WIRE HANGER! I'LL SEE WHAT I CAN DO AND TALK TO YOU LATER!!  i had just woken him up from a nap so he was all too happy to get rid of me.

i get under the car, assess the situation, and start putting my bondage skills to better use than they've ever been at Paddles.  and of course, my inner McGuyver is giddy with anticipation.  i find that in order to get more leverage on the wire, i need to elevate the exhaust back up to where it should be, i don't have the tools to grip the wire so that it will do the work for me. and it's too hevy for my to lift enough to get my jack under it inititally so i get the gallon keg can of heineken that has been sitting in the trunk since new years 2006 and roll it under the exhaust from rear to front, jacking the pipe up, and then i can wedge my jack under the end near the break.  i jack it up the rest of the way, though it's still not height aligned, but it's better.  then i actually have to wrap the wire from front to back, and then have it come foward again under the rear exhaust and loop around the front part and wedge the wire around some bolts to keep it in place so that my pipes don't slip out of the wire harness while the car is in motion.   and then i abandoned that fucking keg can in the parking lot i was at because god, can you imagine a half full keg of beer fermenting in the back of my car for the last 15 months? i swear, i was waiting for that shit to explode from internal pressure all summer long as it baked in the heat.

so i am full of awesome.

then i drive my ass home in my loud ass car (it really only sounds truly horrible in first and second gear), and i decide that bad things happen when i'm feeling charitable- for those who've forgotten, another time i was to donate blood in the afternoon, my car got hit from behind while parked in front of my house and i was asleep the morning of- so clearly i have to stop being charitable. 

i had also noticed this week that my speedometer would dance in the mornings when i would drive to the station and it wouldn't register if i was going under 15mph, but from there to about 35 it would bounce and only stabilzes above 35.  even though it didn't do that this morning, which i am attributing to to cold weather versus the car warming up after a few minutes of driving. i see now that my expctations of this car running for another year are unfounded. it is time to throw in the towel. i'm going with uncle bill in the morning to look at cars after i drop my car off at meineke, maybe i can sucker him into buying me a new car like he did for SexyLexy.
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went out to the shooting range way out in Calverton with [profile] maxwellsmind today and was playing with big heavy guns that go BANG.

i was shooting a rifle with a scope on it for the first time, and i held my face too close to it and when the gun kicked, the scope hit the bridge of my nose.

it hurt a litte but mostly it was embarassing. n00b.

but i jsut got home now and it's tender and the bump that is the bridge of my nose to begin with has a red bruise and i think it's even more pronounced than usual. boo00 to hunchback noses.

on the upside: after playing with the scope rifles as compared with iron sight rifles and my failing eyesight, i can safely say that if i can see it, i can hit it.
oo000ooh that sounds dirty.
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so, today at work, the other Dr.'s assistant is out sick.  i'm just sorta helping by keeping the charts moving, checking the patients in, taking co-pays for her as well as doing my regular job.  it's not too much extra work.

so, just a few minutes ago, some delicious man-meat comes in to see the other Dr. he's got an appointment at like 3:30 or something. so i get his stuff together, get a copy of his insurance card, he's like abercrombie and finch model young hot hubba hubba man-meat, and it looks like he also works for them as upper management or something. amazing!

so, since there is no policy on the staff of Dr. A hitting on patients of Dr. B and vice versa, i look a little deeper into his chart.

he's got the Herp.  i'll pass thanks. and then i thought to tell you guys.

reason # 8024 why my job is awesome.
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o hay antibiotis for my sinus infection.

i didn't even realize it was an infection because i hadn't let it get to the point where my head is twisted in pain and pressure and i'm snorting out thick bloody green neverending mucous!

yeah, i'm gross like that.
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omg i am on so many drugs right now.

i got the tussin, sudafed 24 and i popped some benadryl allergy/sinus when the sudafed was clearly not doing anything.  i think i last took some nighttime flu and cold tussin, but maybe i want some more of the cough/expectorant tussin.  i'm gonna die of liver failure or something aren't i?

i am sitting here with my mouth hanging open because if i didn't i would suffocate, and i can feel my eyes are glazed over.

nothing is coming out of my nose, it's all clear watery sutff, so there's no infection up there at least.

but man, i got two huge gobs of mint green lung butter to come out. one was yesterday at work. that was awesome. and then a little earlier today.  and then a few smaller ones here and there.  so, it looks like there are bacteria colonies in my bronchial tubes.  cause green = infection, yay!

but it's all good because Scrubs is on.  i think i'm gonna make some frozen tussin pops and suck on them.

woo hoo

Jan. 20th, 2007 04:00 pm
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i had a hot date last night.  it's 4pm on saturday now and i just got home so yeah, definitely a hot date.

and, to top it off, i've finally acheived MY version of the holy grail of sex:  geeky JEWISH white boy with blue eyes, moans groans and hyperventilates in a GOOD way while i slap him around and takes it up the ass.  and i have my own share of bruises. double score.

i think i may be in love.

downside: my cellphone died on me when i got out of work, the same thing it did last time.  they need to recall this style of phone because this is the second time this particular phone fucked up like this. i need to harass cingular now.
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