May. 18th, 2009

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well and so.

semester is winding down, i am avoiding studying for my two finals that are tomorrow and wednesday; i have never been more miserable in classes ever.

  i am going to SF and LA for a week starting thursday morning for a wedding. i think the wedding in SF will be meh since i only know the groom, and the other person i know is in the middle of graduating from the SF music conservatory and arranging a major production of her own, so she will really not be around though i am crashign with her.

LA  seems more promising, as my gay boyfriend who i only ever see these days is when he's back in NY for funerals is heading up the memorial day fabulousness.  there is already a pool party in palm springs scheduled for the minute i get off the plane status post wedding shenanigans the night before.

overall though, this vacay should be sweet because i'm hardly paying for shit since i have buddy passes for jetblue courtesy of SexyLexy's sucker ex-boyfriend and the couches of friends.

i hate my job.  more accurately, i hate my boss. did i tell you that Freaky Feminist Gynecologist retired August 2008 and pretty much sold me into serfdom to this new gyno?  there's nothing inherently wrong with her aside form the fact that she's completely incompetent and pretty much behaves like a petulant child because she doesn't actually want to answers questions or address issues, but acts put upon because no one can read her fucking mind.  when she's not acting like that, she' acting like a spoiled teenager who can't be bothered and has other far more important things to attend to than her job.  i'm pretty sure she doesn't even like being a doctor. i hate her so fucking much.

i have brand new awesome hair. i have decided to go blonde.  bleach blonde. and i can fucking pull it off. and so my hair is extra Scene Queen now. 

i am also apparantly dating a lawyer (i know), for like forever, in Sxxk1ttn years.  he's awesome, more of an angry feminist than i am, probably the most age appropriate person i've dallied with in a long time and even still he's a bit younger than me, and non-monogamy is non-negotiable.  we walk around manhattan stalking people who seem like they'd be interesting to follow, we drink a lot- lately this is in the form of delicious spiked milkshakes, we IRL troll at terrible clubs, play rockband, we are trying to get a Risk/Catan game together with folks but it keeps falling through, we talk about how awesome we are and we laugh a lot at stupid things and people.  i am pretty sure that something has to be horribly wrong with him, but so far the only evidence is that he likes me and he likes corsets (though he hasn't actually admitted this, it's just my super powers of observation), or at least me in corsets; other than that he's not apparantly crazy or crazy making which sometimes makes me nostalgic for a random, irrational outburst of assholery.  i am quite smitten, and he seems to think i am the bees knees as he keeps on letting me come over for entire saturdays and sundays at a time every week.  there is also a tremendous amount of very good sex0rs and more often than not we part ways covered in horrible marks. obviously.

so that's really it.  i go out more often now since normally i'd just be using that time sitting around at home not doing homework anyway but instead i'm at least getting laid at the end so that's how i justify it.  therefore i'm usually in the city on saturdays doing something that involves drinking, possibly also breaking off half my toenail as i'm walking because i'm drunk and bleeding all over the flipflop, so feel free to send out invites or let me know if there's good things happened that would be interesting to troll or people mock because that's what saturday's are for.


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